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3/4" Solid Pre Finished Hardwood

Introducing our stunning 5" Maple Rustic Hardwood Flooring, where natural beauty meets cabin charm. Crafted from premium maple wood, each plank showcases the unique grain patterns and warm hues that are characteristic of this beloved hardwood species.

The natural finish enhances the innate elegance of maple, allowing its natural beauty to shine through. With a touch of rustic flair, this flooring adds character and warmth to any space, whether it's a cozy cottage or a modern urban loft.

At 5 inches in width, these planks offer a contemporary yet timeless look that suits a variety of interior styles. The width provides a balanced visual appeal while still retaining the classic charm of hardwood flooring.

Transform your living space with the timeless elegance of our 5" Maple Rustic Hardwood Flooring. Whether you're updating your home's flooring or embarking on a new build, this flooring is sure to add warmth, character, and lasting beauty to your space.

Product Details

Square feet per box: 23.7
Finish:  Eco Institute approved polyurethane aluminum oxide
Surface Treatment:  Smooth
Bevel Edge:  4 side micro bevel
Gloss Level:  Satin
Warranty:  25 year residential wear warranty
Installation:  On/ Above Grade, Glue or Nail
Minimum Length:  1’
Maximum Length:  5'


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